Articles by John Smith


Outsourcing & the Crisis - presentation to Historical Materialism Conference 2009 December 2009

Understanding the crisis - Comments on the 'Green New Deal' May 2009 (123k pdf)

Offshoring, Outsourcing and the 'Global Labour Arbitrage' September 2008 (242k pdf)

What's New About "New Imperialism" December 2007 (319k pdf).

Brazil's Debt Crisis and the Elections August 2006 (110k pdf)

A Tale of Two Tsunamis - Gordon Brown, the 'G8' and World Poverty July 2005 (275k pdf)

Colombian unions under fire December 2004 (171k Word file)

How close did we come to stopping the war? August 2003 (161k pdf)

Why did Britain go to war? Febuary 2003 (259k pdf)

Cuba and the 'War on terrorism' (anthology) October 2002 (1.2Mb pdf)

The Straight Line between Iraq and World War Two (Draft) January 2002 (115k pdf)

The Looting of Argentina December 2001 (554k pdf)

'G7 Tightens the Noose' September 2000 (570k pdf)

Britain, Zionism and the Holocaust September 1998 (208k pdf)